Vehicle Overview

Traveling is a great way to have fun and spend some quality time with family and friends, out of your busy hectic lifestyle. Now, if you are planning to travel to the mysterious lands of Rajasthan, it is mandatory to get along with the Tempo traveller for a change. This luxurious 9+1 seater vehicle is what you need if you want to travel in large groups and don’t want to get separated while enjoying your trip to Rajasthan. You can rent these tempos from us the most reliable car rental service providers and enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious ride of your life.

Before you invest some bucks in a tempo traveller, there are some features of this vehicle that you have to learn about first. So, get started with that for now. As mentioned from the name itself, the traveller seating capacity is of 9+1, which are 10 seats in total. The vehicles comprise of ice box and first aid kits besides a lot of seating space. So, even if you wish to have a an all comfortable journey, you will get luxury inside the traveller right away and don’t have to compromise with anything.

Now, you must be wondering why tempo traveller when you have so many other options to consider over here. Well, the answer is rather simple. The Tempo Traveller in Jaipur with the 9-seater one comprises of multiple features, which are perfect for covering long distance journey in Jaipur, around Jaipur and from Jaipur to any destination of your choice. You just need a single vehicle to accommodate around 10 people at a time. That means you get to enjoy the mysterious beauty of Jaipur and the all the places you visit all together and share the experiences well. Traveling has never been this much fun before!

Here are Ten Reasons why should hire 9 Seater Tempo Traveller in Jaipur

  • Feeling of Being Together: Travelling in a group is fun but hiring 3-4 cars for many people or joint family, large groups, or 5-6 couples, friends is not the wise decision as then all will be in different cars and not together. Hire a traveller and be together.
  • Space Matters: Even Innova, Toofan, Xylo could can accommodate only 2-3 couple while a traveller can have 5-6 couples travel together.
  • Travelling becomes fun: When all those on the trip are together then fun is all set to happen. Ride together and have antrakshari, jokes, songs making the journey a fun for all.
  • Luxury & Comfort: Passenger cars such as Toofan or Innova cannot offer you luxury as the tempo does. And it is equally comfortable for all passengers.
  • Luggage No Problem: Traveling in passenger vehicles such as Innova makes luggage a headache and one has to be choosy and decide what to take and what not to take during the journey. In a tempo traveller there is large space for luggage.
  • A Blessing for Aged: Travelling in a Tempo is the best option for old age people, patients.
  • Best option: Looking at the budget and traveling expenses, traveller seems to be the best option.
  • Luxury for all: Full luxury seats, LED TV, charging points for the passengers is standard on all tempo travellers.
  • Less Worries: While travelling in Innova cars, there is no need to pay multiple toll and parking charges but you need not pay multiple toll and parking charges as all of the passengers are in the same vehicle.

Passengers Bag Capacity Mobile Charger
9 9 Yes
AC/Non AC USB/DVD Player Car Colour
AC Yes White